Vision for Milada: Lake Milada Competition

Type: open, RfQ, two-stage
Location: Czech Republic

Languages: Czech, English
Eligibility: Registered architects/landscape architects

The jury will shortlist six teams from the first, RfQ round to participate in the second round of the competition

The Jury will evaluate the submitted portfolios based on the degree of fulfillment of the following criteria:
a) total urban and architectural design quality of the reference works and their relevance to the scope of the competition (weight of criterion 60%),
b) the extent of the expertise of the applicant’s team relative to the subject of the competition (weight of criterion 40%).
The Jury shall record its conclusions in an evaluation form and preliminarily nominate 6 applicants to the Contracting Authority, who fulfilled the listed criteria to the highest degree; these applicants shall be invited to submit their competition proposals in a second round.


31 July 2020 – RfQ submissions deadline

The first prize shall be CZK 1,250,000 (in words: one million two hundred and fifty thousand Czech koruna) approx USD53,000
The second prize shall be CZK 950,000 (in words: nine hundred and fifty thousand Czech koruna) approx. USD41,000
The third prize shall be CZK 625,000 (in words: six hundred and twenty-five thousand Czech koruna) approx. USD27,000

Evaluation criteria for the 2nd stage of the competition:
For assessment of proposals in the 2nd phase of the competition, the criteria for evaluating competition proposals are defined, in no order of importance, as follows:
a) overall urban and landscape design quality of the proposal,
b) quality of the proposed architectural details,
c) degree of adherence to the basic principles of the shared vision of Lake Milada and to the Competition Brief,
d) feasibility of the proposed development strategy.
Criteria for the evaluation of proposals in the 2nd phase will be specified in the call for participation in the 2nd phase of the competition sent to participants whose proposals are
selected for the 2nd phase by the Jury.

Details about the competition regulations, etc., are available in a pdf file which can be downloaded from the competition website.

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