Almetyevsk (Russia) Urban Planning Competition


Type: RfQ, open, International, 2-stage
Fee: None

Languages: Russian and English
Eligibility: Registered architects, planners, etc.
Process: and awards
The three teams generated from a shortlisting format that advance to the competition stage of the contest will each be compensated with a stipend of 2,500i,000 rubles (approx. USD 40,000)

The following awards will be provided to the following team rankings:

1stPlace – 4,000,000 rubles
2ndPlace – 2,000,000 rubles
3rdPlace – 1,000,000 rubles
The total Prize Fund, including all taxes and fees, will be 14,500,000 rubles.
13 December 2019 – Introductory webinar for Russian-speaking participants of the contest
16 December 2019 – Introductory webinar for English-speaking participants of the contest.
21 January 2020 – Deadline for applications
19 February – Orientation session for the finalists
6 April 2020 – Submissions deadline for finalists’ designs
23 April 2020 – Final Jury meeting

Design challenge:

Located on the left bank of the Zay River in Tatarstan, Almetyevsk has a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants. As a major oil processing center, pipelines from there stretch to the south, west, and northern areas of Russia.

The competition seeks to generate a masterplan for the territory adjacent to the Almetyevsk reservoir on the Zay River. The competition is of particular importance as one of the most remarkable projects, aimed at the rehabilitation of compromised land areas and the preservation of valuable natural resources caused by production work when creating and locating infrastructure facilities. At the end of the competition, the results of environmental rehabilitation from man-made impact can be applied on similar sites both in Russia and all over the world.
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