Jose Marti Park Adaptive Redesign


Sponsor: Van Alen Institute & The City of Miami Partnership:

As part of the Keeping Current project Van Alen fundraised for resources to help the City of Miami embed climate adaptation into this redesign project, developed the framework for implementation, and identified the multiple project partners who have given input on this RFQ. Ultimately, this is a City of Miami project that is subject to city processes and regulations.

Type: Invited, RfQ
Fee: none
Language: English
Eligibility: International, licensed architects, landscape architects, planners

27 February 2019 – Deadline for EOI responses
Design challenge:
“At sea level, alongside a river, and subject to flooding on a regular basis, Jose Marti Park can become the model for the adaptive waterfront park of the future,” says the City’s Chief Resilience Officer Jane Gilbert. Ms. Gilbert is playing a crucial role in working closely with the community and Van Alen to ensure that the solution strategies will help the City of Miami serve the present and future needs of its diverse residents while making the city more sustainable, resilient, and attractive.
The Park experiences flooding from both the Miami River during high tides and from rainstorms due to its topography and lack of drainage features. For these reasons, the Park is emblematic of the challenges that river conditions present to communities throughout the South Florida region and other low-lying coastal areas.

A portion of the Park also lies in the shadow of an I-95 overpass and presents an opportunity to demonstrate how public spaces in underpass areas can be better utilized to serve the community.
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