Network Rail Footbridge Design Competition


Sponsor: RIBA, Network Rail, U.K.
Type: International, open, one-stage
Fee: None
Eligibility: Design professionals, engineers and students
A design fund of £20,000 will be available for awards at discretion of the jury.
Design challenge:
Anthony Dewar, Head of Buildings and Architecture at Network Rail, said           

:“Footbridges provide a vital function enabling the public to easily access train services and serving as public rights of way. 

Network Rail is committed to promoting design excellence. That’s why we’re 

challenging the architectural and engineering community to come up with new and innovative ideas for footbridge structures that will be both functional in form and sympathetic to the communities that they serve. 

The winning design concept will also need to protect and enhance the great legacy of engineering design that is inherent in railway history.  We’re excited to see the solutions that will be put forward.”

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