Yilong Futuristic City International Design Competition

Sponsor: UED Magazine
Type: International, one-stage
Eligibility: Professionals and students
Fee: none
Theme: Oriental Landscape and The Futuristic City
Deadline for Registration: 20/10/2017
Deadline for Submission: 15/11/2017
Jury Convenes: December 2017
1st Prize (1 team) Certificate and 200,000 RMB (approx. US$30,000) (tax included);
2nd Prize (3 teams) Certificate and 100,000 RMB (approx.US$14,) (tax included);
3rd Prize (8 teams) Certificate and 10,000 RMB (approx. US$1,400) (tax included)
Honorable Mentions Certificate and free UED magazine;
The winning projects are expected to be implemented, and detailed proposal is in accordance with the determination of local government. Detailed design proposal and construction costs are not included in the reward.
Jury Chairman: Peter G. Rowe, Raymond Garbe Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor
Design Challenge
Oriental Landscape and Futuristic City
In the era of globalization, small, mid-sized cities are the engine of local development, and the potential core of habitat residence. The urbanization of Chinese Midwest cities is crucial to the development of a balanced city network of China. In such a scenario, we are confronted with many emerging challenges, such as climate change, population migration, energy crisis, inheriting regional characters, etc., which demands development of a new innovative and adaptive urban approach and more complex urban morphology. Thus, this competition is intended to initiate a conversation on the modern city life based on nature, involving topics such as local vs. global, tradition vs. future, Eastern vs. Western, landscape vs. city, nature vs. living habitat, preservation vs. development, and intention vs. reality. The unique mountainous landscape of Guizhou has its own regionalism characters, inspiring many poets to exceptional lines. The competition is focusing on the new relationship between the local, typical Chinese landscape and the development required for the future city, the connection between the nostalgia of traditional landscape vs. a modern way of living, with globalization’s effect on local regional development in mind.

Website: http://futuristiccity.uedmagazine.net/en_joinup.html