Indigenous Housing in Canada 2017

The purpose of this competition is to raise awareness of Indigenous Housing in Canada and improve opportunities available to design, deliver and maintain housing for remote access Indigenous Canadians.

Sponsors: Architects Without Borders Canada, Manitoba Association of Architects, etc.
Type: open, one-stage
Eligibility: architects and students
Fee: none
November 14, 2017, (2:00pm CST)            Deadline for Submissions
February 8, 2018  –  Winners announced
Awards in Canadian funds:
1ST Prize – $5,000
2nd Prize – $3,000
3rd Prize – $2,000
Submission format: electronic
• Valdie Seymour, Elder, Housing Expert
• Destiny Seymour, Master of Interior Design, Student
• Ken Einarsson, Senior Manager INAC, Engineer
• Michael Robertson, Managing Partner Cibinel Architects
• Dave Thomas, Designer, Ayshkum Engineering
• Daphne Armstrong, Health Care Programming Consultant
• Roxanne Greene, Housing Expert, Shoal Lake #40
• Darrel Koop, Project Manager, Northern Contractor
• Sarah Chernis, Sustainability Lead Architecture49
• Michael Conway, Senior Design Architect
• Catherine Peters, Interior Designer, Grant Design
•Tom Langrell, Interior Designer, Grant Design
Design Challenge
The design may be focused on one aspect of housing or comprehensive in its approach by addressing one or up to six design portals and optional keywords identified below:

  • Vision – Overall objective, processes how it will be achieved
  • Place – Response to climate, bioregion, geology, history, development
    Sustainability – Use of local materials, labor and energy
    Community – Community, culture and family
    Growth – Flexibility to adapt for or accommodate growth
    Funding – Alternative funding arrangements, partnerships, volunteerism, owner participation
    For more information and to enter: