The Cambridge to Oxford Connection

Sponsor: National Infrastructure Commission, U.K.
Language: English
Type: open, anonymous, 2-stage
Fee: none
Awards: Second stage finalists will each receive £10,000
3 August 2017 – Stage 1 submission deadline (digital)
Design Challenge:
The aim of the competition is to gather, showcase and promote imaginative responses to integrating placemaking with the proposed infrastructure projects across the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Corridor, and including Northampton.

The emerging concepts, which will be judged anonymously, should address development typologies across one of three high-level groupings:

  • Urban Intensification: those developments that look to intensify existing urban settlements, either in the centre, suburbs or on the edge;
  • Linked Places: those developments that are linked to, and make use of the existing infrastructure of an existing urban settlement. These include, for example, satellite developments, urban extensions and small settlements, such as garden villages; or
  • Autonomous Places: new settlements of a sufficient scale to be self-contained in terms of requiring, maintaining and operating their own urban infrastructure.

Competitors can also suggest a hybrid or new typology, if deemed appropriate.
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