In Memoriam: William Bricken

It’s seldom that one finds a separate section in an obituary dedicated to architecture competitions. We shouldn’t have been surprised to find this in the case of Bill Bricken, a frequent participant in design competitions and one of our long-time subscribers. It was also a case where we had published articles on competitions that Bill had participated in, winning the Clemson Performing Arts Center competition (COMPETITIONS, Vol 1, #3) with Sert Jackson, and coming in a very close second in the Williamsburg Courthouse competition, whereby his wife, Ida, was also on the team. During the latter we were fortunate enough to be present as an observer during the presentations. The following is the segment which appeared in his obituary.
Note: the images from the Clemson competition were added by the editor.









Throughout his career Bill entered major national and international architectural competitions, generally in collaboration with colleagues. More often than not his entries won top prizes and appeared in publication or exhibition. Memorable examples were: a First Prize, with David Stivers and Jeff Stewart, for Japan Architect magazine’s 1979 Shikenchiku Design Competition, juried by James Stirling; a First Prize award, with Edward Baum, Fred Powers, and Ida Siegfried, for the 1982 Lafayette Square (Saint Louis) Design Competition; the First Prize, with Sert Jackson & Associates, for the 1989 Clemson University Performing Arts Center Competition; and a Second Prize award, with Robert Levit and Ida Siegfried, for the 1996 Williamsburg Virginia Courthouse Competition. –From Obituary notice


Clemson PAC competition board by Sert Jackson Associates with WIlliam Bricken (above)

Clemson PAC competition model



First Prize
1979 Shikenchiku Design Competition (juried by James Stirling)
William Bricken, David Stivers and Jeff Stewart


above – competition boards



2nd Place
Williamsburg Courthouse Competition (1996)
William Bricken, Robert Levit, Ida Siegfried

Rendering from competition board

Elevations and section ©COMPETITIONS