Next Level University Hospital Competition

Sponsor: Centre for Central European Architecture
Location: Czech Republic
Type: Open, international, 2 stage
Language: English and Czech. Stage One can be submitted in English, while stage Two must be submitted in both English and Czech.
Eligibility: Open to all professionals who are legally able to operate as architects or civil engineers pursuant to the laws of the relevant member state of the European Economic Area
Fee: None
1st prize — 3,500,000 CZK (around 129,600 €)
2nd prize — 2,200,000 CZK (around 81,500 €)
3rd prize — 1,500,000 CZK (around 55,500 €)
7 July 2017 – Stage One submission deadline
19 September 2017 – Stage Two submission deadline
This open international contest has been launched to design a £57 million surgical centre at University Hospital Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic.

The goal of the competition “Next Level – University Hospital Hradec Králové” is to find an architectonic solution for the Surgical Centre, composed of a new building (addition) and the reconstructed (now technologically outdated) earlier surgical pavilion, and to connect the two structures into a viable whole.

One of the priorities of the organiser is to find a solution that would be effective in functional terms, yet also bring new aesthetic qualities into the hospital complex. Since the plan proposes the first step to be the completion of the new Surgical Centre and only then the reconstruction and modernisation of the current pavilion, the architectural team that emerges victorious in the competition will be working with the University Hospital Hradec Králové on a long-term basis.

This competition aims for European architects to present designs that would meet all the functional needs of the surgery departments of a hospital, and form the best possible working environment for medical staff as well as a safe and pleasant setting for patients in the University Hospital Hradec Králové.

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