Natian Cup International Design Competition

Sponsors: Suqian Municipal Government, Suqian Planning Bureau, and CBC (China Building Centre)
Competition organizer: Urban Environment Design (UED)

Type: Open, international
Location: Shanshui Green Corridor and NaTian Flower arm, are locatedon the Axis between the Luoma Lake and the NaTian Flower Farm in Suqian, China
Fee: None
Prize of $58,000 for winner

20 August 2017 – Registration deadline
15 September 2017 – Submission deadline
Jury chair: Vincente Guallart
Design Challenge:
To develop an innovative design that bears an important effect in creating an identity for the city of Suqian, and may functionally impact the new Green Axis and the NaTian Flower Farm in the Shantaishan Forest Park. The proposal is suggested to pay attention to the two sites: the new Shanshui Green Corridor being developed and the existing flower farm.

To register:
Detailed information for the two sites: