Hornachuelos Downtown Reactivation

Sponsors: Town of Hornachuelos, Spain;  reTHINKING competitions
Type: Open, International, two-stage
Eligibility: Architects
Languages: English and Spanish
Early registration:          40€ + IVA            
Regular registration:      70€ + IVA            
Late registration:           90€ + IVA
20 September 2016 – Early Registration ends
18 October 2016 – Regular registration ends
02 November 2016 – Late registration ends and submission deadline
• (bau)m Architects (Marta Barrera + Javier Caro + Miguel Gentil)
• Francisco Jesús Reina Fernández-Trujillo (Ph. Architect of Projects in the School of Architecture of Seville)
• Rafael Muñoz García (Head of technical Servicies and Urbanism of Hornachuelos City Hall)
• Esther López Martín (AF6 arquitectos)
Phase I
First prize 3.000 €
Second prize 1.000 €
Third prize 500 €
Phase II
The winner of the competition will be commissioned to realize aspects of the design by the Town of Hornacheulos.
Design Challenge:
   The competition seeks to revive the Hornachuelos city center, enhancing its heritage and cultural values. For this purpose, different ways of intervention may be used to emphasize the following aspects:
– Reactivation of historical buildings, with alternative uses and rehabilitation. Especially the most deteriorated: the Castle and the inn.
– Projecting routes that generate cultural spaces, rest and connection with the natural environment. Resting places, shade, interaction, its vegetation, its smells and its climate must be thought … giving value to the atmosphere of Hornachuelos.
– Perception of the historic center as a unitary space, not as segregated elements with buildings and environments worthless together, but as a city with a distinct cultural identity.
   The research which contestants can develop in reference to issues such as customs, history or culture will help the participant to have a greater awareness of the keys to improvement.

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