“Home Revisited” – Homes of the Future

Sponsor: Asko Foundation, Finland
Type: Open, International
Eligibility: Architects, engineers, designers, artists
Languages: English
Fee: none
First prize (1) – 30,000€
1 September 2016 – Competition launch
Jury: TBD
Many factors will impact future living developments, such as environmental questions, redefining the concept of family, multiculturalism, the aging population, and digitalization. The new ‘Home Revisited’ design competition is looking for solutions to these and many other changes. It is launched by the Asko Foundation to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The competition strives to create new innovations for the home of the future.

This international multidisciplinary competition aims at creating new commercially significant production that meets the needs of future residents. It reviews homes and living in a manifold way through service design, spatial solutions, product design, and technical solutions, as well as any combination of the above.

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