Susie Kim of Koetter & Kim (Winter 2004)

Few architectural firms start up by focusing their talents primarily on planning. Koetter Kim’s was different in that much of their early strategy focused on various planning projects—San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Boston Plan, University Park, Cambridge, Mass., and Syracuse University Master Plan. You might say that this strategy culminated in their winning the 2004 Sewoon Urban Redevelopment Competition in Seoul, Korea. Along the way, there were a number of high profile university and commercial commissions, including the Codex World Headquarters building competiiton (1983), Scottish Equitable Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, Brown University’s Miller Hall Science Building, and the U.S. Courthouse in Rockford, Illinois (an invited competition). More recently, they were chosen to re-do the Commons building in Columbus, a town noted for its choice of name architects for important civil projects.