Taiwan’s Taoyuaong Airport Terminal 3 Competition


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If you are flying either into or departing from Taiwan after the year 2020, you may
wish to arrange your flight so that you either arrive or leave in the evening, as it could well be an unforgettable experience. The winning design by Rogers Stirk Harbour of London for the new Terminal 3 promises an illuminating show that can match that of Curt Fentress’s Denver airport.
   As an international open competition, and for a project of this magnitude, it was astonishing to find that only four international firms decided to enter this contest. According to one juror, the posting of a $500,000 bond required of serious contenders was probably enough to scare off most firms. This is not to say that the final four lacked expertise in the area. The only firm from Stage 1 not shortlisted, ADPI of Paris, had numerous completed large commissions to its credit. And due to the very extensive experience of the other firms, it could be anticipated that the quality of the entries would be more than adequate.
   The vision of the Taiwan Airport Authority for the future of the facility was ambitious:
“The objectives of Taiwan Taoyuan Internation Airport are to become a large-scale hub airport, serving the aviation market in East Asia. The Multi-Funtional Buildings will link Terminal 3 an existing Terminal 2 to for a Mega-Terminal. The main design concepts for this project are ‘Smart, Green and Culture.’ With a high efficient operating system to provide high quality passenger services and transportation functions, the project will be developed as a sustainable and intelligent airport, with comprehensive facilities encompassing functions in tourism, shopping, culture and arts to create new traveling experiences.”
Finally, the client was looking for three essentials:
• Accommodate growth
• Improve Service Levels
• To maintain and strengthen the competitive
  position of the airport and to develop at the
  airport the commercial and cultural centre of
  the Aerotropolis.
To adjudicate the selection process, the   
following jury was empaneled:
• Chu-Joe Hsia, MArch, Ph.D, Jury Chair (Taiwan),
• Marcos Cruz, MArch, Ph.D,  (U.K.), Architect
• Jerry Dann (Taiwan), Senior VP, Taoyuan
  International Airport
• Kwang-Yu King (Taiwan), Architect
• Erik Kriel (South Africa), Airport Engineer
• Shannon Hsien-Heng Lee (Taiwan), Civil


Chu-Joe Hsia, PhD – Jury Chair – Comments

我覺得這次由Richard Rogers所領導的團隊,當然他自己也是頂極的建築師, 他領導頂級的顧用公司,和機場經營的公司,加上台灣的本身旳建築師和工程顧用公司,所成的團隊。



During this final phase. the group was led by Richard Rogers, he himself of course, an excellent airport architect. He leads an amazing consulting company, as well as an airport management company. Also, Taiwan’s own consulting company and airport management company formed part of this group.
   They had cutting edge innovation and they were capable of presenting buildable ideas. Not only did they challenge the consultant’s architectural structure manual, they focused on arrival and departure floor plans. They let the travelers have the opportunity to see each other. Then, they came up with the whole environmental issue. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s three phases of construction were combined together. Also, when it was in the second phase, they challenged their team’s structural ideas from phase one. They completely abandoned the flat roof idea. During the last two months of this phase, they developed a completely different exterior design with curved lines, not only to prevent water leaking and provide a good drainage system, but also to offer an excellent lighting design through the curves of the roof. The interior design combined ten thousand “flowers,” which adjust the perspective of the viewer according to inside activities—the experience of the users—to form the up and down movement of the angles and spaces.
   I feel this design is very moving and touching. The international advancement is just the beginning. Addressing Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport’s three-stage phasing depends on the government’s strong determination and will—to make it a reality! Thank you!   -Translation by Winnie Tomeny


CECI Engineering Consultants, Taiwan
Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, London
OveArup and Partners, Hong Kong
Fei & Cheng Associates, Taiwan


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Van Berkel en Bos U.N. Studio, Rotterdam
April Yang Design Studio, Ltd. , Los Angeles
Bio-Architecture Formosana Taiwan
Taiwan Engineering Consultants-Group, Taiwan

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Foster + Partners Limited, London
Ricky Liu & Associates, Taiwan
MAA Group Consulting Engineers, Taiwan

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