“Post-castle” – Architectural Design of the Historic and Cultural Complex in Kaliningrad

Sponsor: Kaliningrad Regional Government

Type: open, one-stage, international

Languages: Russian and English

Fees: none


28 May 2015 – Registration deadline

28 August 2015 – Submission deadline


1st prize – 2M RUB ($39,000)

2nd prize – 1M RUBs ($19,500)

3rd prizes (2) 500,000 RUB each

Kaliningrad Jury:

1. Bart Goldhoorn

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Russia, Moscow

2. Stephen Willacy

Denmark, Aarhus

3. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Stimmann

Germany, Berlin

4. Christian Devillers

France, Paris

5. Yury I. Avvakumov

Russia, Moscow

6. Ilya V. Utkin

Russia, Moscow

Design Challenge:

To create a contemporary governmental complex on the “post-castle” area in a best possible balance with the history of the place and contemporary requirements to functions and image of the largest public building of the region, with restoration or other application of the castle Königsberg fragments (in particular, the western wing of the castle, related to the history of Russia).

   The main objective for entrants should be to create an architectural and urban planning ensemble, integrating the projected Complex, the House of Soviets and a projected Fairgrounds in the north of the competition area. The ensemble should form a new Main square and be blended in the Consolidated planning concept based on the results of the international competition 2014 “Korolevskaya Gora and Its Surroundings”

The competition area is situated in the location that is of key importance for history of the former Königsberg, the former East Prussia and contemporary Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad Region. It has a strategic role for the development of a new image for the central part as well as for the city and the region as a whole.

The key functions of the government’s Historic and Cultural Complex are:

• An all-purpose (multifunctional) hall

• Museum of Archaelogy

• Museum of the King’s castle’s history

• Museumof rare objects

• Design of adjacent open spaces

Questions: office@tuwangste.ru

Executive Secretary of the Competition Nadezhda Belesheva,

mob. +7 961 351 30 70, office +7(4012) 53 61 47

Competition brief: http://www.tuwangste.ru/en/contests/contest_2/specification