Hemlös – Homeless Competition

Sponsor: Swedish Association of Architects; Architects without Borders, City of Stockholm and Stockholm’s stadsmission

Type: open, one-stage, anonymous

Eligibility: Open to all, students and professionals

Location: Municipality of Stockholm

Fee: none

Languages: English, Swedish


19 August 2015 – Submission deadline

Prizes: none


•John Arther Ekebert, homelsess debator

• Lars Epstein, journalist, Dagens nyheter

• Fredrik Jurdell, CEO Stielsen Hotellhem i Stockholm

• Karolina Keyzer, city architect, City of Stockholm

• Per Kra, architect SAR/MSA, ASF-SE

• Jonas Rydberg, socialchef, Stockholms stadsmission

• Henrietta Palmer, architect SAR/MSA, professor Royal

Institute of Art, Stockholm – appointed by Swedish

Association of Architects competition committee.

• Ulrike Schartner, architect MSA, mag. Arch (UAK),


• Tove Wallsten Dumon, Swedish Association of Architects,

jury secretary

Competition officer is Joanna Oleksak, architect SAR/MSA, ASF-SE


There is no guarantee of a commission after the competition is completed, but hopefully interesting and relevant proposals can be developed further with the aim of realization. Both the City of Stockholm and Stockholms stadsmission are interested in finding projects that can become real projects. If so, it shall be the winning proposals’ authors that are commissioned to develop their ideas.

English competition brief:


Competition website: www.arkitekterutangranser.se/hemlos