Into the Wild Ideas Competition

Sponsor: Innosite

Location: Ørestad

Type: Open, international, ideas

Eligiblity: open to everyone

Entrance Fee: None

Awards: 1st prize: DKK 25,000 (approx $4535 USD)

Submission Deadline: 24 August 2014

Design Challenge: How would you create a transition between the urban area in Ørestad and the large rural area of Amager Common? The Amager West District Committee (AVLU) is looking for proposals for how to create a pleasant transition, inviting people to cross the border, where rough city and wild nature meet.

Ørestad is built right next to Amager Common. Thus, just a few meters away from the densely populated city, you can hear songbirds in the thickets, go horse riding or cycle along the gravel paths, disappearing out into the countryside and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meanwhile, on the urban side, Ørestad presents a modern city with spectacular architecture, cultural experiences (e.g. the DR Concert Hall) and a rich academic life, which creates vibrant everyday life in the area.

AVLU would like to focus on the potential of both sides and highlight the encounter of these two contrasts by providing visitors with information and inviting them to enjoy themselves, both when they come from the city and venture out into the countryside, and when they leave the countryside and encounter the big city.

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