Vision42 Design Competition

Sponsors: The Institute for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc (IRUM); The Architect’s Newspaper

Location: New York City

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Entrance Fee:

• Early Registration: US $80 – from April 14 to 28, 2014 (Midnight EST)

• Standard Registration: US $100 – from April 29 to September 8, 2014 (Midnight EST)

• Single Student Registration: US $30 – from April 14 to September 8, 2014 (Midnight EST)

• Courses with multiple students entrants: US $100

Awards: The four semi-finalists will share a prize of $5000 and the winner will receive a cash award of $10,000.

Languages: English

Registration Deadline: 8 September, 2014

Phase 1 (digital) Submission Deadline: 1 October, 2014

Design Challenge: This international competition aims to rethink and redesign one of the most iconic streets in the world—42nd street in Midtown Manhattan. Remaking this dense live/work transportation corridor into a more livable space 24/7 will transform New York City at its core and become a model for major urban thoroughfares worldwide. The aim of this competition is to increase interest in and gain support for the vision42 initiative for a river-to-river auto-free light rail boulevard on 42nd Street. The competition is intended to encourage architects, planners, and urban designers from around the world to develop creative proposals for remaking this important but noisy, traffic-clogged street into an enhanced, world-class pedestrian environment that is served by a high-quality, low-floor, modern surface light rail tram. The winning design will be one that utilizes the potential of the boulevard to inspire New Yorkers and its elected officials to transform the street into a model for a 21st century live/work space and transportation corridor.

The first phase of the competition will be entirely digital, permitting applicants to submit their entries electronically, greatly expanding opportunities for participation globally. Upon selection of finalists by the jury, those selected shall prepare and send boards for the exhibition to a designated address in New York City.

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