Boarding 2014 Exhibition: European Call for Projects

Exhibition of projects selected by special jury in September 2014 in Bordeaux

Exhibition theme: Interactions

Eligibility: Open to European graduates (masters or equivalent) in architecture, design, landscape, urban design, & planning, with degree awarded in 2012-2013-2014.

Registration deadline: 18 May 2014

Description: As an interactive space, public space corresponds to all kinds of definitions and uses: it is a place for exchange and for collective and individual acts; a place for sharing and a place of conflict, representation and experimentation; an exceptional place and a place of day-to-day experience; a place of civic awareness or anonymity; a political space where consensus and dissent coexist; and so on. Today, at a time when the spatialities of the contemporary world are being expressed and deployed within public space in all its various dimensions – scale, temporality, physical, intangible – how do young European architects, designers, landscape architects, and urban designers conceive these spaces and offer innovative points of view?

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