Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales Ideas Competition

Sponsor: Odense City Museums; City of Odense; Realdania Foundation

Location: Odense, Denmark

Type: Open, international, ideas

Language: English

Eligiblity: The competition is open to everyone, but is particularly aimed at multidisciplinary teams of architects, exhibition designers, culture mediators, landscape architects, ideas and design professionals, artists and others from similar professions.

Registration Deadline: 12 November 2013

Submission Deadline: 29 November 2013

Awards: The total prize amount that the jury can distribute is EUR 100,000. The jury reserves the right not to distribute the full amount and will award prizes on the basis of the number and quality of the entries submitted.
The jury may select up to three equal winners, each of whom will receive at least EUR 20,000. If only one winning entrant is selected, the prize awarded to this entrant will be at least EUR 47,000.


  • Jørgen Clausen, chief executive, City of Odense (chair)
  • Mayor, City of Odense
  • Deputy Mayor, Department of Culture and Urban Development, City of Odense
  • Stefan Birkebjerg Andersen, CEO, City of Odense
  • Hans Peter Svendler, executive director, Realdania
  • Lars Autrup, project manager, Realdania
  • Torben Grøngaard Jeppesen, museum director, Odense City Museums
  • Asger Halling Lorentzen, head of communication and strategies, Odense City Museums
  • Johannes Nørregaard Frandsen, professor, Univer- sity of Southern Denmark (Hans Christian Andersen Centre / Department for the Study of Culture)
  • Christian Have, creative director, Have Kommunika- tion, specialist jury member appointed by Odense City Museums
  • Signe Cold, architect MAA, owner of Entasis, design professional appointed by the Danish Architects’ Association
  • Hanne Bat, architect MAA MDL, owner of Hanne Bat Landskab, design professional appointed by the Danish Architects’ Association

Design Challenge: Odense City Museums and the City of Odense have launched an open ideas competition to create a unique place where fantasy and reality come together, where the past meets the present, and where the indoors and the outdoors merge into one: a magical house of fairytales and a fairytale garden. The objective of this ideas competition for a new House of Fairytales in Odense is to obtain proposals for an overall intermediary and architectural concept that can serve as a source of inspiration and a basis for further development of the place. The competition site comprises the buildings that currently house the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and the Tinderbox Cultural Centre for Children as well as the adjacent green urban space, Lotze’s Garden. The new House of Fairytales should unite, continue and rethink the experiences currently offered at the museum and the cultural centre for children, but should also add a new layer so that the fairytales become the gateway to the Hans Christian Andersen universe. Furthermore, the ideas competition is expected to show how a unique interplay between existing buildings, new buildings and public urban spaces can create a very special place and a new spatial and experiential whole for the benefit of both local residents and visitors to the House of Fairytales.

For more information, go to: http://houseoffairytales.odense.dk/