Urban regeneration of the block Aurifícia – Porto, Portugal

Sponsor: Portuguese Counci of Architects, Northern Chapter (OASRN)

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: Porto, Portugal

Eligiblity: Open to Architects internationally.

Submission Deadline: 18 September 2013


1st Place: € 8,000.00
2nd Place: € 5,000.00
3rd Place: € 3,000.00


José Fernando Gonçalves (architect), Chairman of OASRN
Manuel Fernandes de Sá (architect)
Alberto Cuchí (architect)
Carlos Guimarães (architect)
Manuel Ribeiro (architect), on behalf of the Porto Municipal Council (CMP)
Paula Silva (architect), on behalf of the Northern Regional Directorate for Culture
Teresa Andresen (landscape architect)

Design Challenge:

The Competition pretends to contribute to the reflexion and debate on practices in urban regeneration, interdisciplinary dialogue and critical thought, proposing operational strategies to this specific area of Porto. Competitors are challenged to present ideas to enhance and stimulate new living and civic appropriation systems, encouraging the emergence of new activities, promoting the revival of old usages and enhancing the creation of new jobs, taking into consideration the requalification of the block’s interior and the the existing built.

The proposed site for the competition, the block in which OASRN owns a building, offers unique conditions to qualify as a case study in the context of this topic, being centrally located within Porto and having the potential to enhance the Boavista-Downtown axis due to the intrinsic richness of its buildings and the block’s exceptional interior spaces.

With this competition, OASRN wishes to contribute to the definition of planning strategies, action methodologies and useful work tools in the area of rehabilitation and sustainable development of the city.

For more information, go to: http://www.concursosoasrn.com/concurso_EN.asp?Id=22&action=home