Shelter International Design Competition for Students: Re-conceiving Architecture and Time


Sponsor: The Shelter Student Architectural Design Competition Office

Type: Open, international, student

Location: Japan

Languages: Japanese, English

Eligiblity: Applicants must be under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or at tertiary institutions (as on of 24 November 2013).

Submission Deadline: 27 September 2013

The First Prize (1 Award) – ¥1,000,000 and Certificate of Merit 
The Second Prize (1 Award) – ¥500,000 and Certificate of Merit 
The Third Prize (1 Award) – ¥100,000 and Certificate of Merit 
Commendations (Several awards) – Certificates of Merit and prize gift.

Design Challenge:

In our everyday lives, ‘time’ exists at various scales, and changes the functions and faces of architecture depending on the type of its time. For this competition, entrants are challenged to consider a particular scale of time, and how architecture, in use, may reflect that time. 

Entrants can consider a long period of time – an historic length of time. Or, a short time, as, for example, at temporary housing for evacuees where the people may only stay for a couple of years.

The most important issue is the relationship between time and our collective and individual lives, and society. That is to say, we are not considering time as a functional duration or as it is related to the durability of buildings, or as the moment of a sudden event.

There is no set program or size of project, but the main structure is to be of timber. Timber is a structural material that accepts the changes of time – and thinking of that may lead to an interesting notion.

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