Mapo Oil Reserve Base International Ideas Competition

Sponsor: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Type: Open, ideas, international

Languages: Korean, English

Eligiblity: Open internationally to all professionals and students

Fee: None


1st(1project) – USD 10,000 & Certificate of merit
2nd(2project) – USD 5,000 & Certificate of merit
3nd(3project) – USD 2,000 & Certificate of merit
Honorable mention(5project) – USD 1,000 & Certificate of merit
Accepted(within 10 project) – Certificate of merit

Submission Deadline: 23 August 2013

Design Challenge:

This competition explores the transformation of the Mapo Oil Reserve Base, a relic of the industrial era. Located in Sangam, this area was once an abandoned mountain of waste, but now stands as a state-of-the-art city that leads the future of Seoul. Aiming to achieve a communication and co-existence between people and nature, the oil reserve base will be returned to the citizens through the ideas of students and professionals who reflect the meaning and value of the land and regenerate the space to meet this new era’s core values of environment & ecology and sustainable future.

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