2012 Cleveland Design Competition “Transforming the Bridge” winners announced

Winning Entries:
Third Place : #12146 Moxon Architects (firm/team name)
London, UK
Ben Addy

Tim Murray
Adam Holicska
Pauline Marcombe
Augustine Ong
Jasper Stevens
Marcus Stokton
This year, after reviewing the best submission extensively, the jury unanimously decided to combine the 1st and 2nd place prize awards and award two first place winners

First Place (tied): #12370 Archilier Architecture (firm/team name)                                                     
New York, NY
Kai Sheng
Donghwan Moon
Changoso Park
Tinxing Tao

First Place (tied): #12151

Austin, Texas
Ashley Craig                                                                                                                                               
Edna Ledesma
Jessica Zarowitz