Post+Capitalist City: Ideas for a city with another culture of living and dwelling!



Sponsor: collage (Berlin, Germany)

Type: open, ideas, international

Languages: English, German, French

Fees: 30/50 Euros

Eligibility: Students, architects, urban planners, designers, artists and all active thinkers are invited to submit their ideas and share their visions.


1 December 2012 – Early registration deadline

15 January 2013 – Submission/late registration deadline

Design Challenge:

At the same time creative alternatives – in trying to deal with the growth of poverty amongst the population – propose new ways of living, celebrating an ideology based on trust, solidarity, community and action.

Cities… Their attractiveness was originally based on the economic opportunities they provided to their inhabitants: job opportunities created a massive influx from the countryside, contributing actively to their spatial transformation by means of increasing population density and growth. However, in a prospective future if attractiveness is no longer necessarily related to profit making – as the symbolic 99% idealized by the “Occupy” movements around the world claim – the question of the future of existing cities is wide open.
What if the change was tomorrow? What would be the characteristics of a system not based on profit making? What would be the consequences of a new system for the way in which we use urban spaces?
Would cities enter a transformation process, becoming specialized centres in a globalized system?
Would the global network of cities tend to erase borders or to affirm and reinforce them? What is (could be) the scale (the impact) of the change?

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