Museum of Bavarian History, Regensburg


Sponsor: Staatliches Bauamt Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany

Type: Open, two-stage

Language: German

Fee: 100 Euros

Eligibility: to architects residing in countries belonging to WTO and EU who fulfill the requirements of size of firm, income, and realized project size.

Museum size: 7,000m²

Total compensation for finalists: 210,000 Euros


09 January 2013 – Deadline for registration and documents

10 January 2013 – Submission deadline for plans and documents

17 January 2013 – Submission of Model


• Karlheinz _Beer, Weiden

• Prof Elke Delugan-Meissl, Vienna

• Friedrich Geiger, Munich

• Josef Peter Meier-Scupin, Munich

• Christine Schimpermann, Regensburg

• Prof Volker Staab, Berlin

• Prof. Zvonko Turkali,

• Hans Weber, Regensburg

• Dieter Schönberger, Regensburg

• Peter Scheller, Munich