National Museum of Afghanistan

Sponsor: Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul

Type: Open, one-stage, ideas, preceded by RfQ

Fee: None

Languages: English, Pashto, Farsi


The competition is open to architects, engineers, planners, designers and artists to develop and visualize a proposal

capable of responding to emerging challenges for a National Museum in Afghanistan. Practicing architects, engineers

and other professions participating in the competition must be registered with their National Registration/ Regulatory

Authority. Professionals with more limited experience in the delivery of relevant projects may wish to consider collaborating

Note: Architects must submit a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) to qualify for the competition.


16 April, 2012 – Registration deadline

06 June, 2012 – Submission of Design Proposal

July 2012 – Announcement of the results


Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture (Chair)

Dinah Casson (architect), UK

Klaus Bode (environmental engineer), UK

Toby Allen (structural engineer), UK

Susanne Annen (architect), Germany

Jolyon Leslie (architect), South Africa

William Remsen (architect), Boston, USA

and two more to be determined


1st prize – 50,000 US$

2nd prize – 30,000 US$

3rd prize – 20,000 US$.

In addition, three Honorable Mentions with no cash prize are to be awarded. It is anticipated that the successful Applicant may be invited to provide full design services, or may be asked to partner with other professional design firms to produce the documents necessary for the planning phase.

Design Challenge:

To generate design proposals for an architectural master plan and detailed building design for the

site of the National Museum of Afghanistan. While it is expected that in the future a new museum will be designed and built according to international standards, this ideas competition shall help to visualize what a modern museum in the 21st century in context of today’s Afghanistan will look like.

Evaluation criteria for competition participants:

Focus of submissions shall be on, but is not limited to, a visionary but cultural sensitive design, sustainability and use of renewable energies, adequate combination of low and high tech solution, sensitivity of social and religious influences, and urban planning with the final purpose of balancing the required functions and interests of the National Museum of Afghanistan in an architectural master plan and detailed building design.


To access the pre-qualification questionnaire, go to:

All questions about prequalification should be directed to: