Malley Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland

Sponsor: Lausanne and villages of Renens and Prilly

Type of competition: Open, international, ideas and projects (two categories)

Language: French

Location: Switzerland

Eligibility: Architects, Landscape architects, planners (WTO countries)

Registration Fee: CHF250


9 December 2011 – Submission deadline for documents

13 December 2011 – Submission deadline for models

Jury (professionals):

• Patrice Bulliard Architecte, Ville de Lausanne
• Jo Coenen Architecte, Amsterdam
• Anne Mie Depuydt Architecte, Paris
• Laurent Essig Architecte-Paysagiste, Pully
• Christian Exquis Architecte, Etat de Vaud
• Willi Frei Architecte, Neuchâtel
• Martin Hofstetter Architecte, Ville de Renens
• Elinora Krebs Architecte, Ville de Lausanne
• Ariane Widmer Architecte, Bureau du SDOL


Category I (Ideas) – CHF125,000 (total)

Catetory II (projects) CHF85,000 (total)

Winners of the projects category will have the possibility of commissions for the individual sites.

Fees: CHF400,000

Design challenge:

Architects are invited to submit proposals for urban and land-use planning for a new district bordering Lausanne and its environs. This will encompass a full service community, including residential, commercial and municipal services. Winners of the “projects category” will have the opportunity to design open spaces as well as structures.

For more information, go to:’urbanisme+et+d’espaces+publics+%E0+un+degr%E9