Tallinn Architecture Biennale Vision Competition: Street 2020

Sponsor: Estonian Architecture Centre, City of Tallinn
Type: Open International One-phase
Language: English
Fee: Free
Eligibility: Architects and architecture students
April 27, 2011 – Competition launch
July 1 – Submissions deadline
August 1 – Results announced
Eva Castro, Architect (AA School, Plasmastudio, Groundlab)
Endrik Mänd, Chief Architect (Tallinn City Government)
First prize – € 3000
Second prize – € 2000
Third prize – € 1000
+ 7 honourable mentions
The best entries shall be published in the catalogue.
Design Challenge:
Tallinn Architecture Biennale is a new architecture forum that brings together theory and practice, young and experienced architects in order to arouse rich discussion over architecture, urban planning and landscape issues. First TAB concentrates on the hybrid issue of Landscape Urbanism. TAB Vision Competition is addressed to students and young architects, landscape architects and planners who are welcome to shape future cities and make room for fresh ideas. Our hope is to see landscape urbanism as so-called ‘third way’, which can possibly solve urban problems that have proved too difficult for traditional planning because of rapid processes, constant change and instability. Landscape urbanism could also provide answers how to guide urban processes from inside, so that the system as a whole still maintains a balance. The term ’landscape’ is used primarily as the model for consistency, responsiveness and scale.
Case study: PÕHJAVÄIL
Background The car-boom of the nineties has turned Tallinn’s streets predominantly into traffic cor­ridors where the movement of pedestrians and cyclists is of secondary importance. A characteristic example is the fact that the city does not have any quality standards for the pavement of the streets. Although the city has built a number of cycle routes, the natural blending of light and heavy traffic is still underdeveloped. A well-functioning city should have a coherent network-like structure.
Vision Competition’s task is to describe the connected, compatible and diverse urban landscape, focusing on one particular urban typology: the street.
Submission Requirements:
Organized by: Estonian Architecture Centre, The Union of Estonian Architects and  City of Tallinn
For more information, go to:
www.tab.ee or contact Villem Tomiste, TAB curator, Mob: +372 5517 040, email: villem@tab.ee