Route de Meyrin – CERN International Competition

Sponsor: Canton of Geneva
Type: Open, single stage
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Language: French and English
Fee: Free
Eligibility: The procedure is open to a grouping of representatives combining the skills of a landscape architect, a town planner, a civil engineer and a lighting designer established in Switzerland or in a State that is a signatory of the WTO agreement on government procurement, which offers reciprocity to Swiss representatives.
June 27, 2011 – Guided tour of site
October 24, 2011 – Registration deadline
2012 – Preliminary study
2013-2014 – Execution

Idea competition: CHF 80,000
Project competition: CHF 120,000

President: Pierre Feddersen, architect-town planner
Delphine Avocat, Director of Transport, Conseil Général for Ain
Pascal Bodin, Public Space Project Director, Canton of Geneva
Monique Boget, Mayor of the Commune of Meyrin
Olivier Coutau, DSPE, Canton of Geneva and Vice President of the Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation
Yves Delacrétaz, Director General of Mobility, State of Geneva
Francesco Della Casa, Cantonal Architect, Canton of Geneva
Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN, Nathalie Luyet, architect-town planner
Olivier Morand, Head of the Urban Development Department, Commune of Meyrin, Commune de Meyrin
Guerric Péré, landscape architect
Amadeo Perez, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland
Thomas Pettersson, Head of General Services at CERN
François Reinhard, Director of the Fondation des immeubles pour les organisations internationales
Frédéric Rossano, landscape architect
Christine Thibaud Zingg, architect-town planner
Design Challenge:
The Canton of Geneva is launching an international competition aimed at firms specialising in the design of urban public spaces for the redevelopment of CERN’s main entrance area.

The purpose is to design an emblematic reception area for the prestigious international particle physics research organisation, which receives 100,000 visitors annually and 10,000 users daily.

Construction of this public area, covering approximately 1 hectare, is scheduled for 2013 and 2014. It will be the first visible component of the future CERN campus project, for which a master plan is being drawn up with the aim, by 2030, of offering scientists a friendly and attractive working environment on a par with the world-class fundamental research performed at the Laboratory.

The new reception area is also an integral part of the wider plan for the development of the cross-border region (France – Switzerland) and will be the hub of the 7 development poles of the future “Circle of Innovation”.

The budget for this first phase of work is estimated at CHF 5 million (approximately € 3.8 million or USD 5.4 million). Firms from Switzerland and abroad are invited to enter from 16th May 2011 onwards. The competition winner will be announced in December 2011.

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