Intelligent Green Building Design Competition

Sponsor: Architecture and Building Research Institute
Type: Open International Two-phase Ideas
Language: English
Fee: Free
Eligibility: No restrictions
June 15, 2011 – Registration deadline
July 15 – Phase 1 submission deadline
September 30 – Phase 2 submission deadline
Division A:
Gold – 100,000 NTD
Silver – 50,000 NTD
Brown – 30,000 NTD
Masterpiece (2) – 20,000 NTD
Nominees (10) – 10,000 NTD
Division B:
Gold – 200,000 NTD
Silver – 100,000 NTD
Brown – 50,000 NTD
Masterpiece (2) – 30,000 NTD
Nominees (10) – 10,000 NTD
Design Challenge:
Because of greenhouse effect and climate change, it is a global tendency to integrate green building and intelligent technology and push forward to the intelligent green building. It is also one of the strategies of Taiwan’s government to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, and green lifestyle. Intelligent green building is defined as a green building combined with intelligent high techniques, materials, and products in order to reach the purposes of safety, health, convenience, comfort, and environmental sustainability. The Ministry of Interior, Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI) authorizes Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to conduct 2011 Intelligent Green Building Design Award, which is the fifth time since 2007, in order to inspire participants’ imagination and creativity. All participants may construct an innovative idea based on the insight of present lifestyle and future development trend, including considerations of all the human needs in order to provide references for industry in developing future living technologies. It is expected that as a result some good ideas may achieve quality life of green living and also increase the competitiveness of local industry.
Submission Requirements:
Digital submission of poster and description for phase 1, and film or physical model for phase 2
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