University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics: Community-Based Primary Care Clinic & Master Planning RFQ

Sponsor: UIHC

Type: RFQ

Language: English


June 7, 2011 – Deadline for Submission of Qualifications and Letter of Interest

June 17, 2011 – 3 candidates shortlisted

June 30, 2011 – Interviews with shortlisted firms

Design Challenge:

The objective of the Master Plan is to comprehensively develop a community health and wellness campus that provides a framework for development, both for the healthcare clinic and future projects. It is UIHC’s desire to provide a team-based, integrated operating model for patient care, create a model environment for ambulatory care training, and generate growth to support UIHC’s education/training mission by offering a comprehensive array of primary care services for North Liberty and the surrounding communities. Other compatible health and wellness-related services will be considered for inclusion in the overall campus master plan.




In order to pursue this vision, the UIHC desires a firm that will meet the following scope of services:


a. Conduct kick-off meeting with UIHC to outline schedule, communication paths, and align project goals and objectives.

b. Develop base map, using information provided by UIHC, and prepare site inventory and analysis.

c. Prepare planning alternatives that address optimal land uses, building placement, traffic and parking planning, and open space strategies.

d. Meet with UIHC to review alternatives and gain feedback.

e. Prepare preferred Campus Master Plan, including health and wellness-related services considered to be best suited for this particular campus and that will lend themselves to the overall success of this campus’s development and functioning, including a business development strategy

f. Prepare a construction budget for the Campus Master Plan.

g. Prepare outline of Campus Design Standards and covenant, addressing land use, setbacks, open space, signage, and building material vocabulary.

h. Review outline with UIHC and receive feedback on Campus Design Standards.

i. Prepare support graphics which illustrate the Campus Design Standards and incorporate conceptual-level architectural elevations.

j. Provide 15 hard copies each of the Campus Master Plan booklet, 11×17 format, and one electronic copy.

Submission Requirements:

The RFQ submittal response shall not exceed 25 pages, total (cover/back does not count toward total; printed both sides is acceptable), and shall include the following:


a. Letter of Interest

b. Firm Profile and any sub-consultants that may be part of the team

c. Description of at least 3 relevant projects that key project staff has played a central role in developing which demonstrates your firm’s creativity and integration of the environment, community needs and overall project objective

d. General project approach to projects of this type

e. Name and resumes of specific project team members that will play key roles in this project; the name and resume of the project manager must be included.

f. No more than 5 references for similar projects. Include contact name and current phone number and email address.

g. Outline schedule that concludes with final presentation and turnover of deliverables on October 3, 2011.

h. Additional information that will assist the UIHC Capital Management Committee in considering the Evaluation Criteria listed below.

i. 12 hard copies and one digital copy shall be submitted


All submittals and inquiries should be addressed to Matthew Berg, Project Manager, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, 200 Hawkins Drive, C-118 GH, Iowa City, IA 52242 or