Grief Needs Space: Architecture in the Funeral Industry

Sponsor: Trustees Burial German Culture Society
Type: Student
Location: Berlin
Language: German
Fee: Free
Eligibility: Students and recent graduates (up to four years) of architecture and interior design
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2012
First prize – 700 Euro
Second prize – 500 Euro
Third prize – 300 Euro
Nils Buschmann, Architect
Jorg Freudensprung, GmbH
Dr. Kerstin Gernig, Trustees Burial German Culture Society
Henry J. Keizer, GmbH
Ulrike Kunkel, Editor-in-chief, Bauzeitung
Ralf Michal, Trustees Burial German Culture Society
Martin F. Muller, Interior Designer
Birgit Schwarzkopf, Interior Designer
Design Challenge:
This competition urges you to question how rooms of a funeral home should be designed to provide mourners with a beneficial atmosphere.  What forms, what materials, and what lighting conditions are suitable to the situation of grief?
Submission Requirements:
Physical submission of A1 sheet, questionnaire, and CD-Rom