Garden Goes Balcony

Sponsor: Garden Unique
Type: Open International Ideas
Language: English
Fee: Free
Eligibility: No restrictions
Submission Deadline: June 8, 2011
First prize – 2,500 Euro
Second prize – 2,000 Euro
Third prize – 1,250 Euro
Fourth prize – 750 Euro
Fifth prize – 500 Euro
Sixth through fifteenth prizes – 250 Euro
Sold idea – 2,500 Euro
Three special prizes – 1,000 Euro
Ulrich Nether, Prof. Dipl. Ingenieur
Ralf Ferdinand Broekman, Editor-in-chief, Build Magazine
Bernd Romer, Architect, Romer Partner
Tobias Lutz, Architect,
Lars Quadejacob, Chief Editor, Design Report
Anne Robert, Marketing Specialist
Birgit Kaucky, Architect
Tal Waldman, Artist, Designer, and Architect
Andre Welke
Henriette Preib, Press Officer
Design Challenge:
Choose one of the balconies from the example houses and design it how you have always imagined the perfect balcony to be: cozy, stylish, functional. At the focus of this task should be furniture that distinguishes the perfect balcony. Present your balcony furniture in harmony with the building, the balcony and where applicable, its plants and flowers.
Submission Requirements:
Digital submission of images or 3D model