Lido Iris

Sponsor: City of Sorso
Type: Open International
Location: Italy
Language: Italian
Fee: Free
Eligibility: Architects and engineers
Submission Deadline: May 31, 2011 (submission must be received by June 17)
First prize – € 30,000
Second prize – € 15,000
Third prize – € 5,000
Five experts in planning, protection, and conservation
Design Challenge:
The competition of ideas has as its object the establishment of a joint project of urban regeneration and development, environmental, landscape and architecture of the coastline of the City of Sorso, utilizing two separate actions: 1) The restoration and development of a Lido Iris park adjoining the beach area with about 10 acres, 2) and redevelopment of the coastal infrastructure.
Submission Requirements:
Physical submission of technical report, images, and economic feasibility
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