Framing a Modern Masterpiece: The City + The Arch + The River – 2015

Sponsors: CityArchRiver 2015 Foundation, National Parks Service

Type: Open, international, three-phase

Language: English

The Lead Designer may be an indiidual, a studio or a close collaboration of individuals
The design Team shal be comprised of, as a minimum, representatives of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, engineering and an artist

Registration Fee: unlisted

All stage III participants will receive an honorarium of $100,000

13 January 2010 – Pre-submittal Meeting/Site  Visit
22 January 2010 – Question and Answer Period Ends
26 January 2010 – Competition Registration Ends
28 January 2010 – Stage I Portfolios Due
1 February 2010 – Evaluation of Portfolios

Eight-person jury, to be announced

Design Challenge: For the first time in a half century, the National Park Service is revisiting one of the world’s most iconic monuments – The Gateway Arch – to integrate the magnificent memorial and its grounds with St. Louis, the Mississippi River and Illinois on the other side. They’ve announced a new international design competition, calling on the world’s best designers and architects. The competition starts now.

Now, in the spirit of Saarinen, new inspiration is being sought. A call has been issued in accordance with a new General Management Plan by the National Park Service to better “frame” this American masterpiece. The goals: weave it back into the fabric of the city and the region … rejuvenate connections … welcome and draw people for repeated visits … and re-energize the region for living, working and visiting. As in 1947, this competition aims to invite and extract “the best from the best” to create a model for integrating open space into a city’s urban fabric. All with a construction finish line of October 28, 2015 … the 50th anniversary of the completion of the Arch.

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