BCN 2009-2010: Sustainable Transport Center

Sponsors: ArchMedium, WikiArquitectura, editorial pencil, future aruitecturas, ETSAB, Universitat Poltecnica de Catalunya

Type: International, Student, Ideas

Language: English, Spanish

Eligibility: all Architecture, Engineer, Design or related branch students as individuals or teams

Registration Fee:
Special Registration: 50 euro
Early Registration: 75 euro
Late Registration 100 euro

First Place: 1,500 euros +Publication in Future Arquitecturas + Exhibition + Architectural volumes worth over 500 euro

Second Place: 600 euros + Publication in Future Arquitecturas + Exhibition + Architectural volumes worth over 300 euro

Third Place: 400 euros + Publication in Future Arquitecturas + Exhibition + Architectural volumes worth over 150 euro

10 Honorable Mentions: Publication in Future Arquitecturas + Exhibition

31 January 2010 – Special Registration Deadline
28 February 2010 – Early Registration Deadline
31 March 2010 – Late Registration Deadline
12 April 2010 – Question Submission Deadline
15 April 2010 – Proposal Submission Deadline
24 April 2010 – Announcement of Winner

Ignacio Paricio
Zaida Muxi
Joyce de Botton
Alfons Soldevila
Shaun Pilgrem

Design Challenge
: The continuous growth in the number of vehicles that circulate around the world is leading to a series of serious problems, especially in the big cities where the population density is higher.

The proposed site currently has two buildings; a local gas station and an exclusive brand car dealership.  The goal is to propose a new complex that symbolizes the end of an era marked by gasoline powered vehicles and oil as the main power source. 

The project, as a complex, will include and ecologic vehicles sale and rental shop, the first electric refueling station of the city and the new headquarters and labs of several companies dedicated to the study and research of sustainable energies.  Participants are given complete freedom to decide which building typology will be the most appropriate to solve the proposed program, found on the website.

Submission Requirement:

Each team must submit their project in one horizontal panel of A1 dimensions.  Participants are given total freedom to decide what information they want to include on the panel

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