“Ideal Theater” Student Design Competition

Sponsor: USITT

Type: open, student

Language: English

Eligibility: architectural and theater students

Registration fee: none

20 November, 2009 – registration deadline
19 January, 2010 – submission deadline

Jury: Theatre Architect, Theatre Consultant, Acoustician based in Los Angeles, CA, USA to be announced

Design Challenge:
The competition poses the design question, “What is the Ideal Theatre for teaching professional theatre”? This question is to be explored and answered by a “Team” composed of at least one theatre student currently enrolled in a college or university theatre program and one architectural student enrolled in an accredited architectural college or university program.

Each team member has a defined responsibility. The theatre students will act as the “Client” and the architectural students as the “Designer”. The “Client” is responsible to teach the “Designer” about the workings and artistry of Theatre! The “Client” will define the detail needs of the theater complex and provide at least one critique of the design produced by the “Designer.” It is desired that that the “Client” will remain an active member of the design process. The design solution MUST be the result of a “Conversation” between the “Client” and “Designer”. History proves the most successful theatre design solutions take into account all aspects and needs of theatre production, artist presentation and audience interaction.

For more information, go to: http://www.usitt.org/commissions/ArchitectureStudents.html