Green 360 International Architectural Competition

Sponsor: ARQUITECTUM and SPAZZIO + PISSANO Real Estate Alliance

Type: Professional International, 1-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: Architects from all over the world who have satisfactorily concluded their studies, as well as any team or office of professionals with at least one architect of said characteristics (in the instance that the person wishing to participate had a university degree –an MS in Architecture, for example— and worked in an office as a professional designer but was not a registered architect).

Registration Fee:

Late Registration Fee
: $300.00


1st Prize: $100,000
2nd Prize: $5,000
3rd Prize: $2,500

10    September, 2009 – start of competition
Answers will be updated during the competition
30 September, 2009 – last date to submit queries
10 September, 2009 thru 5 October, 2009 – early registration 
5 October, 2009 thru 9 November, 2009  – late registration
9 November, 2009 – registration deadline
23 November, 2009 – submission deadline
24 November 2009 thru 10 December, 2009 – jury evaluation
15 December, 2009 – announcement of the winning proposal

Enrique Albin, Architect ARQUITECTUM, member of Munoz + Albin Architecture & Planning Practice
Carlos Dodero, Architect ARQUITECTUM
Cynthia Seinfeld, Architect ARQUITECTUM, charter member of Seinfeld-Lemlig Studio
Luis Luy, Engineer, SPAZIO + PISSANO
Antonio Blanco, Engineer, SPAZIO + PISSANO

Design Challenge:
The project Green 360 ( is a new real estate concept, created as an alternative to the typical apartment buildings, at one of the most privileged sceneries in Lima (Peruvian Capital), at the mountains of the Camacho urbanization, by the Golf Course “Los Inkas”, in the district of Santiago de Surco.

The project consists in developing two tower models, tower A (typical) and tower B (corner), emplacing two “A” towers and one “B” tower at the altitude of 224 Meters above Sea Level, as four “A” towers and one “B” tower at the altitude of 248 Meters above Sea Level.

Submission Requirements:

2 digital images; 3,500 pixels wide  by 2,600 pixels high
“A” Image: site plan, floor plans, sections
“B” Image: 1 perspective of grouping
exterior views of grouping  and one interior view as minimum

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