Think Outside the Parking Box Competition

Sponsor: Nissan, Designboom

open, 1-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: designers of 18 years or older

Registration fee: none

1st Prize – 5,000 EUR
2nd Prize – 3,000 EUR
3rd Prize – 2,000 EUR

27 September, 2009 – registration/submission deadline

-Shiro NAKAMURA : Senior Vice President & CCO (Chief Creative Officer), Design, Brand Management, Nissan Motor Co.,Ltd
-Alfonso ALBAISA, Vice President, Nissan Design Europe
-Paul WILLCOX, Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB
-Stephane COTTIN, Vice President Strategy and Marketing, Nissan International SA
-Jean-Paul MARI, Vice President  Communications, Nissan International SA
-Jean-Pierre DIERNAZ, General Manager Marketing Communications, Nissan Europe SAS
– Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie – European Creative Director, TBWA\ G1
– Birgit Lohmann – editor in-chief designboom

Design Challenge:
Qashqai is a resilient urban vehicle with distinct style. It is capable to take on whatever the city throws at it – Qashqai is ‘Urbanproof’. This is a search for ideas around Nissan’s tough and stylish Qashqai. Designs may challenge any element of urban parking (underground, exterior, interior, multi-layer, ground level, shape,
colors, material, smell, sound, ramps, signage, limits, etc.).

Urban parking is in need of a renovation. Ideas must challenge current perceptions of urban parking and offer a tougher, sleeker, or even playful rendering of it.

Submission Requirements:
-three images of the project
-brief description of ideas
-application form

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