Competition for Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge in Lisbon

Sponsor: EXD, Galp Energia Foundation

Type: open, international, 1-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: architects and architecture firms worldwide

1st Prize – 10,000 EUR

7 September, 2009 – submission deadline
13 September, 2009 – winners announced
13 September – 8 November, 2009 – exhibition of winning submissions

Jury: To be announced

Design Challenge:
The goal of the bridge is to facilitate access for cyclists and pedestrians in Lisbon, encouraging the use of bicycles in the city and establishing a legacy for the city and its inhabitants.

The use of autonomous means of producing energy and innovative use of materials will be valued, as well as its urban integration and the surrounding landscape.

Submission Requirements:
The project should be presented on two A1 boards with portrait orientation, with a rigid and light support structure of 5/10mm thickness.
A free scale model should be submitted with a solid base that must comply with the measurement of an A2 (420 mm x594mm).
The boards and model should contain an identification code composed of six numbers of the coordinators choosing, with a one-centimeter height on the bottom right corner.
In addition, an opaque A4 envelope should be submitted containing the following:
a) A document outlining all team members that would be assigned to the project, designation within the firm and relevant previous projects. This document should be signed by the coordinator of the submission, with a telephone
contact number(s) and the identification code present in the application;
b) A certificate of declaration of membership from the respective Architectural Association of the coordinator of the submission;
c) CD containing a brief description of the submission (should not exceed 2000 characters), two digital images with a 300 dpi resolution that correspond to the A1 boards handed, for future publication.

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