The Square at Vartov Competition

Sponsor: Kobenhavns Kommune

Type: open, international. 1-stage

Language: Danish, English

A total fee amount of up to DKK 725,000 (about EUR 97,400) will be paid out.
An amount of DKK 150,000 (about EUR 20,150) will be paid to up to three winning entrants.
The balance will be distributed at the discretion of the jury, but all prizes and purchases will be awarded a sum of at least DKK 25,000 each (about EUR 3,350).

14 September, 2009 – submission deadline
4 January, 2010 – award of contract

Jan Christiansen, city architect, Urban Design Department, City of Copenhagen
Ulrik Winge, head of department, Urban Design Department, City of Copenhagen
Anne Skovbro, head of planning, Finance Administration, City of Copenhagen Kristian Nabe Nielsen, area manager, Construction and Tenders Department, City of Copenhagen
Brian Hansen, area manager, Traffic Department
Bent Lohman, Copenhagen Inner City Neighbourhood Council

Design Challenge:
Competition entries should meet some of the general objectives formulated by the City of Copenhagen regarding the development of urban spaces: Copenhagen should be a sustainable city, a dynamic city and a city for everyone.

The future square should feature innovative traffic solutions, with underground bicycle parking in an automated parking facility and room for cycle taxis and city bikes. The traffic solution chosen for the square should be characterised by a high degree of user friendliness, and it should be in harmony with the urban space and the overall infrastructure in the area as described in the general analysis of the Metropolis Zone.
The lighting design must meet the overall objective of the City of Copenhagen of reducing power consumption by 20%. Paving and other materials must have long lifetimes and a low impact on the environment.

Submission Requirements:
Each entry must comprise the following materials packed in separate packages wrapped in an opaque material and provided with the five-digit identification number chosen. The packages must contain the following materials:

• Envelope with identification sheet
• Panels illustrating the proposed scheme
• Booklets with explanatory text
• Digital material
• Tender including completed tendering list

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