Conceptual Bridge Design Competition

Sponsor: The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC)

Type: open, international, 3-stage

Language: English

11 September, 2009 – deadline for questions
14 September, 2009 – submission deadline
30 October, 2009 – evaluation and short-listing

Design Challenge:

The design and construction of a pedestrian/bicycle bridge – St. Patrick’s Bridge – is an important component of the infrastructure improvements in the Rivers District. CMLC has initiated a competitive process for the conceptual design of the pedestrian/bicycle bridge which crosses the Bow River and provides crucial links between the communities on the north and south of its banks with city attractions, amenities and pathway systems.
The conceptual design should include all foundations, piers, abutments, river protection works, bridge superstructure, walking surfaces, handrails, lighting and drainage systems, along with any other incidental items associated with the bridge structure.

Submission Requirements:

-a written technical submission
-A general arrangement drawing of the proposed Bridge showing a plan and elevation view. Basic dimensions such as span length shall be shown. Other dimensions illustrating how the design meets the specified design criteria shall also be shown;
-A drawing showing a cross section through the bridge structure, which is referenced on the general arrangement drawing, showing basic member sizes;
-A drawing showing an elevation view of any pier or tower structure incorporated into the design. The elevation shall be referenced on the general arrangement drawing and shall include dimensions of basic elements; and
-A rendering of the bridge structure suitable for display to the general public, provided as a hard copy and high definition PDF and JPG.

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