Centre Pier, Galway Harbour Ideas Competition

Sponsor: RIAI, Galway Harbour Company

Type: open, international

architects holding a qualification listed in the EU Qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC, recent architectural graduates and current students. Persons outside the EU/EEA area should include evidence confirmation of registration with a national registration body.

Registration fee:
121.50EUR – for registered architects
60.75EUR – for students

1st Prize (Category A) – 10,000EUR
1st Prize (Category B) – 1,000EUR

31 July, 2009 – questions deadline
25 September, 2009 – registration deadline
2 October, 2009 – submission deadline
16-18 October, 2009 – exhibition in Galway

Eamon Bradshaw, Chief Executive, Galway Harbour Company
Sebastian Feldmann, Senior Executive Architect, Galway City Council
John McLaughlin, Director of Architecture, Dublin Docklands Development Authority
Garry Hynes, Artistic Director, Druid
Marcus Donaghy, Donaghy + Dimond Architects

Design Challenge:
Galway Harbour Company is seeking ideas for a significant building to be located on the Centre Pier, in Galway Harbour. The building should reflect Galway’s importance as a maritime and cultural city and offer a clear image and potential branding for the City of the Tribes. Competitors should assume a budget of 3,000EUR per sq. m.

Competitors will be asked to design a building which incorporates a public stage, exhibition area, retail space, marina facilities, tourist information kiosk and commercial offices. There will be two separate categories for submissions. Category A is open to architects. Category B is open to recent architectural graduates and current students.

-There is no restriction on height or architectural form
-Public access to the water’s edge should be maintained
-Building should be commercially viable
-Building should exploit waterfront location
-Building should exploit views to and from building
-There is no requirement for on site car parking

Submission Requirements:
Competitors are required to submit one A1 size sheet of information in a horizontal format. There is no specified format for submissions but competitors are required to provide the following minimum information:
-Plans, sections and elevations at 1:500
-Site plan at 1:500
-3 dimensional image(s) showing the building in context, min A3 size of A1 board

Each competitor shall submit a report (not exceeding two A4 pages), which will deal with the architectural, planning, functional, environmental and technical factors relevant to the scheme with an Outline Cost Plan.

For more information, go to: http://competitions.bdonline.co.uk/2009/07/centre-pier-galway-harbour-ideas-competition/