Up to 35 International Competition

Sponsor: OLIAROS

Type: open, international, 2-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: architects up to 35 years old; individuals or teams of no more than 5 people

Registration fee: none

1st Prize – 10,000EUR
Entrants whose designs are picked for stage two of the competition will receive an honorarium of 3,000EUR.

7 September, 2009 – schematic design submission deadline
9-10 September, 2009 – selection of 5 finalists
1 October, 2009 – announcement of the awards
11 January, 2010 – design development submission deadline
February, 2010 – exhibition and announcement of the winner and commended runner-up

Bjarke Ingels, Principal of BIG
Andreas Kourkoulas, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens
Marcel Meili, ETH Studio Basel, Principal of Marcel Meili, Markus Peter Architekten
Iasson Tsakonas, Managing Director, OLIAROS Property Development
Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Torgos Tzirtzitakis, Assistant Professor, University of Thessaly
Elia Zenghelis, Architect and Educator

Design Challenge:
The aim of the competition is to encourage creativity among the next generation of designers while supporting architectural research and the implementa¬tion of contemporary architecture projects in Greece. The competition seeks to elicit designs which explore new ideas on urbanism and rethink existing housing models for communities.
Special emphasis is placed on exploring structures that consist of separate student housing units with the capacity to acquire a viral character within the urban tissue and sprawl into nearby empty lots. The competition challenges participants to rethink two traditional key studies for separate housing units: i) the domus commune, a structure consisting of smaller units with shared facilities and ii) the shelter, which elaborates on the idea of a structure as an amalgamation of self-sufficient units.

Submission Requirements:
-Two presentation sheets in ISO A1 portrait format (594 x 675 mm) containing principal plans, sec¬1. tions and elevations on a 1:100 scale, a general plan on a 1:200 scale, 3D model representations of the viral typology, sketches etc.
-a CD containing the presentations sheets in pdf format, a text document including a project description and vision rationale.
-a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 printable high resolution images of the entry

For more information, go to: http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/story.aspx?storyCode=5204097