Redesign of Abbey Green in Barking, East London Competition

Sponsor: Architect’s Journal, Design for London, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Type: open, international, 2-stage

Language: English

Eligibility: all level architects and teams

1st Prize – £35,000
Shortlisted teams invited to join second stage will be awarded £5,000.


17 August, 2009 – submission deadline
October, 2009 – exhibition and winner announced

Kieran Long, AJ editor
The rest of the jury will be announced soon.

Design Challenge:
Abbey Green is an under-used 6.5ha space, with the tough Gascoigne Estate to its south and access to the River Roding to its west. It has huge assets: the Broadway Theatre on the east side of the green, the ruins of a 16th-century abbey, plus two schools, whose students have the potential to animate the green.

Critical to the success of entries will be understanding the green’s role in connecting the town centre with the river. The client is looking for more than just a landscape project, rather a vision for a place of character.

Submission Requirements:
-2 A2 boards. One should use a map of the park to show the vision for the park. The second board should be used to provide more detail on that vision. See section 4 for more details.

– A CD with PDF versions of the A2 boards, all text saved as a Word document without  formatting (.doc or .txt) and all images saved at 300 dpi CMYK actual size

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