2009 City Entertainment Center Student Design Competition

Sponsor: AIAS, Trespa International

Type: student

Language: English

Eligibility: any design student in North America

Registration fee:
$10 (if no one on the team is a member of AIAS)

1st Prize – $2,500
Total prize money is $7,675, including the first prize

14 October, 2009 – registration deadline
4 December, 2009 – submission deadline
19 December, 2009 – review by the jury
21 December, 2009 – winners announced

Jury: To be announced on 28 August, 2009.

Design Challenge:
The program challenges students to learn about building materials, specifically architectural wall panels and systems in the design of an engaging and sustainable City Entertainment Center.
The designer (or team) may select a site from any metropolitan area in North America. The selected site must:
-be within a city that has a population greater than 25,000
-be connected to the city through some form of public transportation
-contain a minimum of two blocks in one direction (must contain a corner condition)
-be located in an neighborhood that would benefit from the new project and the added revenue
-not propose the demolition of any significant/occupied building to make space for the new development

Submission Requirements:
A final Submission upload must contain the following files in a single (ZIP) folder not exceeding 20 MB:
-Completed submission information cover page including all team members and faculty sponsors
-Each of the four 20″X 20″ boards as a high resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) file, or individually as 150 DPI Image (JPEG, TIFF or GIF) files
-A copy of the design essay as a high resolution Portable Document Format (PDF) file or Document (DOC) file

For more information, go to: http://www.aias.org/trespa/