Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2009

Sponsor: Yoshioka-Bunko foundation. Shinkachiku-sha

Type: open, 1-stage

Language: English, Japanese

Registration fee: none

Prize: total: 1,500,000 yen

16 September, 2009 – registration and submission deadline
Winners will be announced in the 2009 December issue of
“SHINKENCHIKU” , Vol. 76 ( 2009 Winter ) of “THE JAPAN ARCHITECT”

Jun Aoki – principal of Jun Aoki & Associates

Design Challenge:
Today, a static image—the photograph—is the primary medium used for showing buildings and communicating architectural design. Even buildings essentially born from sensibilities and modes of thought fostered by movies and dynamic images are disseminated using static images.
Can architecture only be seen from a moving perspective? Can architecture transcend the architectural diagrams? Can architecture tell a story? What are the possibilities of these implications from the perspective as people who have lived the movie century? This competition seeks residential design proposals that respond to these questions.

Submission Requirements:
-Site Plan, floor plan, elevation, section, perspective drawings and axonometric drawings in any scale. Photographs of models may be used. Detailed drawings can be appended, as well as other charts or descriptive texts written either in English or Japanese.
-all drawings, illustrative materials, and texts on two sheets of A1 size ( 594mm × 841mm ). No panels. As well as the two A1 sheet papers, the entrant is requested to submit digital data of the two separate sheets. Digital data are to be compiled and burned onto CD-R or DVD-R. ( PDF 72dpi or JPEG format —1,680pixel × 2,380pixel, 72dpi )
-all texts appearing in the two A1 sheets should be attached as text files with the digital data.

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