Reurbanization of Heysel Competition

Sponsor: EXCS

Type: 2-stage, international

Eligibility: an interdisciplinary team of 3-8


1st Prize (2) – 15,000EUR (each)

Timetable: 20 June, 2009 – 1st stage submission deadline


B. Mampaka.
A. Goffart.
D. Van Asbroeck.
Y. Rouyet.
K. Borret.

P. Delesenne (advisory voice) and H. Dinor (advisory voice).

Design Challenge:

The goal of this competition is the urbanisation of the site of the Heysel. The project is the development and restructuring of a site needs to contains the following functions:
– Convention center of international dimension with plenary room (min. 3,500 seats).
– Commercial center of national dimension (until 100.000 m²).
– Recreative and leisure area offering tourist and sports activities.
– Indoor theater with a minimum seating of 10,000.
– Housing complex.
– Administrative surface areas.
– Hotel complex.
– Multifunctional stadium with a seating capacity of 60.000 (variant).