Idea for Action – Kaohsiung International Competition

Sponsor: Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government and International Urban Development Association (INTA)

Type: open, 3-stage

Language: Chinese, English

Registration Fee: none

Eligibility: This competition is open to anyone born after 1970 (including 1970).

1st Prize – $10,000 each (three winners)
2nd Prize – $5,000 each (fifteen winners)

15 July, 2009 – submission deadline
3 August, 2009 – announcement of jury panel decision of stage one
25 August, 2009 – submission deadline from the nominees of stage one
3 September, 2009 – announcement of jury panel decision of stage two
6 October, 2009 – announcement of jury panel decision of stage three

Lin Chin-jung – Associate professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, National Chiaotung University
Lin Sheng-feng – Associate professor, Architecture Department, Shin Chien University
Fan Hsun-lu –     Consultant, Kaohsiung city government
Chang Kuei-lin – Director General, Department of Urban and Residential Development, Council for Economic Planning and Development
Lu Wei-ping – Director, Urban Development Bureau, Kaohsiung city government
Marek Bryx – Professor, Warsaw School of Economics
Eric Corijn – Professor, Society and Cultural Geography, Free University of Brussels
Abel Enguita – Professor, Urban and Regional Design, Madrid School of Architecture
Frank Schnidman – Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Design Challenge:
In order to ensure a greater diversity of possibilities in urban development strategy adopted in Kaohsiung, this competition is open to young people from all over the world and seeks to realize the following objectives:
-To focus the boundless creativity of the younger generation in the pursuit of unexpected possibilities.
-To encourage young people around the world to become more actively involved in the movements to transform the urban environment
-To infuse urban planning with new blood, greater vitality and innovativeness.

Submission Requirements:
Stage One:
-Registration form filled in with competitors’ basic bio data (form 1)
-Competition work
-Competition work format: written description, pictures, tables, design diagrams, pictures, animation, photographs, collage, image composite etc.
-Competition work content at least should include the following items:
-Title of the competition work.
-Explanation of the selected question.
-Explanation of the submitting innovativeness.

Competition work Submission specifications (select 1):
1. Power Point 20 pages. A written document can also be attached (3~10 pages) in PDF format but must not exceed 5MB..
2. Animation or film: Maximum of 30 seconds, file format AVI or MPG, width 480x height 360 pixels, the file must not exceed 15MB.

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